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It was reported that Mrs Tracey Wright was told that she could not appeal against a decision of a Judge that she would have to go out and get a job. The case made the news because her ex-husband is a millionaire race horse veterinary surgeon and he had at one point been ordered to pay her maintenance for her lifetime, over and above the maintenance and expenses for their children. The original Judge's decision is here

and the Court of Appeal has ruled that the decision was correct and that she has no right to expect “an income for life” at her former husband’s expense.

How does this translate in the “real world” ? Families where maintenance can be as much as £74,000 are pretty rare. The reality is that most divorced wives already realise that they will have to work to support themselves. The decision here emphasises that this is true even if she is looking after a school age child or children. The case is also another example of the risk of long running litigation costing money that would better be spent on your children.

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