Private Fees

If you will be paying privately for our services, we will give you an estimate at the outset of the case what the cost is going to be.

We may also be able to agree a method of controlling costs:

A fixed fee - so you'll know the maximum you will pay.

A cost limit - you can agree a figure which you don't want us to go beyond - you can review what to do once that point is reached - although if you are involved in court action, it may not be possible simply to stop. We will advise you about this.

Regular payments - to spread the cost, you could make regular payments from the start of the case - this might be easier on your finances than having to pay at the end.

Regular bills - alternatively, we could bill you for the work stage by stage.

If you have a complaint with our service we operate a complaints procedure which we can supply on request. Further the complaints service is managed by our partners Howard Pallis & Monica Healy.


Law Society
Solicitors Regulation Authority
Legal Ombudsman