Criminal Defence

If you need help at the Police station, Magistrates Court or Crown Court, our Criminal Department offers a specialised criminal service.

This Department is staffed by Howard Pallis who is a Duty solicitor and has many years of representing criminal clients in Police stations, Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Our office are members of VHCC (very high cost case) Panel which means we are authorised to undertake criminal cases which can last for weeks and are of a complex and serious nature.

We have experience of conducting murders, large scale financial frauds, serious sexual offences and we use Barristers from 2 Bedford Row which is one of London leading Barristers Chambers.

Most driving offences e.g careless driving, drink drive, no insurance, speeding will not attract legal aid and we can offer a package to pay for representation.

When a client appears in the Magistrates Court and because of means testing, do not qualify for legal aid we can represent them with reasonable fees at affordable hourly rates.

Emergency 24hr telephone number
for police station assistance
07767 497 423

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Primary Contact:  Howard Pallis
Telephone: 020 8342 5800
Fax: 020 8341 2605


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Xmas 2015/16 Holiday availability

The offices of Clinton Davis Pallis will be closed from midday on 24th December 2015 until 9.30 am on 4th January 2016.

We operate a 24 hour Criminal Defence Service during the holiday period where we can arrange police station and

Court representation.

We wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Seasons Greetings

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CPS Police Inaction Against Radio DJ Highlights Major Problem

The recent announcement by the CPS/police that no action would be taken against a radio 2 DJ after a year of waiting for a decision whether to charge highlights a major problem.

Many of our clients are bailed repeatedly and this can in extreme cases take up to a year or more. Various excuses are provided by the police.Once a person is arrested and bailed they appear to be lost to the system. We believe this arises because those arrested and bailed are no longer priority and in view in the cuts to CPS and Police budgets a quick resolution is counterbalanced by lack of resources.

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Ayshya Case Highlights Crown Prosecution Service Problem

The Ayshya situation highlights the problem which is known as the Crown Prosecution Service.

The CPS is understaffed and overworked as a result of Government cutbacks to their service. This results
in those acting for CPS with little time to assess prosecution. There is often a situation which arises,in our expereince,where cases should
never been instituted.Where they are started they are not reviewed again until an outside Barrister reviews but more often they
are never reviewed until the case is thrown out .