Divorce or Dissolution

If you are in a legally binding partnership, marriage or civil partnership, in many ways it is like a Limited company in that you-as-a-couple are something different to two individuals. It is also a bit like a business partnership. A very big difference however is that your legal status can only be ended by a court.

The procedure for divorce (if married) or dissolution (if in a civil partnership) is the same. One party has to send in to the court a document called a Petition together with the Marriage or Partnership certificate and the Court fee. The court fee is currently £410. There is a scheme for remission of Court fees Court and Tribunal fees although the evidence requirements are very strict.

The Petition is how you tell the court that your relationship has irretrievably broken down. That is the only "Ground" for divorce or dissolution. Then you have to prove one of four facts:- behaviour such that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with the other, desertion for two years, two years separation with the consent of the other or five years separation. If you are in a heterosexual marriage you may also be able to rely on adultery.

We can advise you on the fact to use, depending on your particular circumstances and draw up the Petition for you and liaise with the court to steer the Petition through. So long as your soon-to-be-ex partner does not defend the action we can do this for a fixed fee of £750 + VAT £150 total £ 900.

Very often however we find that the divorce or dissolution is "the easy bit" ! What takes time and effort is separating yourselves practically and financially and sorting things out for the children.

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Our Family Law Clinic Kicking Off This Month

Our weekly Family Law Clinic kicks off tomorrow, 21 January. 

We have teamed up with consultant solicitor Penny Mackinder, who has practised in Nottingham for many years and more recently around the London area, to offer a fixed price Family Law Clinic on a non-appointment basis. The service will offer one hour's advice for a modest fixed fee of £75.00 inclusive of VAT (£62.50 + VAT £12.50) although to make it viable we are going to insist that the fee is paid in advance of the session on the day. We will also to see valid identification and verification of address at the time.