Paying for Family Law Help

Although Legal Aid is not available through us for family problems, we try to keep our charges reasonable and to have some "special offers" for particular circumstances.

  • At our Clinic (on a Wednesday) an hour's advice will cost £75 including VAT, payable on the day at the start of the session
  • So long as your soon-to-be-ex partner does not defend the Petition we will act in a divorce with no foreign element for a fixed fee of £ 750 + VAT £150 total £900 in addition to the £410 court fee (grand total £1,310.00)
  • We will happily work to a budget, usually by agreeing to advise you on a session-by-session basis for £216.00 per hour including VAT, again payable in advance .

We are always happy to bill you regularly so that you can keep control of the costs and do not run up large bills.