Separation Agreement

If you are in a legally binding partnership, marriage or civil partnership, then that legal status can only be ended by a court. In that way it is not like a business partnership nor a Limited company. However there are many aspects of your lives together that may need to be sorted out besides legal status, and if you have been living together without legal ties you may still need an agreement. When you stare at each other over the breakfast cups and say "That's it, its over, lets hand in the keys and go our separate ways" and shake on it, that's a separation agreement, a verbal one. You only might need it in writing if it takes rather more negotiating to agree the terms. You may need it in writing if you have a house or flat to sell or transfer, or if you want the reassurance that your ex- is not going to try to go back on it.

If there is an agreement between spouses or civil partners there are specific rules about how to ensure that you can later have that agreement approved by the court. We can guide you through the process and draw up an agreement that will follow those rules and enable you to have a clean break if possible.

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Our Family Law Clinic Kicking Off This Month

Our weekly Family Law Clinic kicks off tomorrow, 21 January. 

We have teamed up with consultant solicitor Penny Mackinder, who has practised in Nottingham for many years and more recently around the London area, to offer a fixed price Family Law Clinic on a non-appointment basis. The service will offer one hour's advice for a modest fixed fee of £75.00 inclusive of VAT (£62.50 + VAT £12.50) although to make it viable we are going to insist that the fee is paid in advance of the session on the day. We will also to see valid identification and verification of address at the time.