Shared Home Ownership

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with Shared Ownership transactions. We have knowledge of the Schemes and the legal documentation which can be complicated to understand. We bring to this area expertise and care which will assist clients who are purchasing property for the first time.

Despite the current economic climate there are a number ways where first time buyers can get onto the property ladder. We here outline the various schemes which are available.

New Build
Purchasing from a Housing Association or Developers

If you are a first time Buyer unable to afford the full price of a property you may be able to get help through an Equity Loan Scheme, Firstbuy or Homebuy Direct

1. Shared ownership
You can purchase as little as a 25% share of the property and pay the rest in full and subsidised rent. Usually, you can staircase up to buy further trenches of the property

2. Private share ownership schemes
It is worth shopping around. Developers are offering a variety of incentives to sell their stock. These include cash back for a deposit, giving you a loan to help with costs or paying your mortgage for a period of time. Contact developers direct.

We are happy to assist you with any of the above options.

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